The New Alfa Laval CM Condition Monitor


The New Alfa Laval CM Condition Monitor

February 24, 2024

The New Alfa Laval CM Condition Monitor

At Matrix Process Solutions, we believe in finding cutting-edge solutions to enhance your hygienic process environment. As Australia’s only master distributor for Alfa Laval, our partnership gives us access to their brand new product range.

As the world constantly embraces new technological advancements in almost every area of life, we believe that manufacturing industries should be following suit. Hence, we are excited to introduce the Alfa Laval CM Condition Monitor.

With the power to combine the world of digital data with hygienic processes, maintain your rotating equipment has never been easier. For better industry manufacturing processes, allow the MPS team to guide you through the latest innovative products that will enhance your overall plant environment.

Alfa Laval CM Condition Monitor

For manufacturing industries such as dairy, food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals which rely on hygienic process environments, it’s integral that the latest technology is utilised to ensure optimal performance. With the ever-growing impact of Industry 4.0 and the continued digitisation of the manufacturing industry, Matrix Process Solutions is proud to present the newest addition to the Alfa Laval range – the CM Condition Monitor.

The Alfa Laval CM is used to monitor the condition of rotating equipment such as pumps, mixers, and agitators. It tracks a collection of information which is usually used to detect faults in equipment. This includes vibration, temperature, and total run-time.

Industry 4.0 And The CM Condition Monitor

Alfa Laval believes in taking a digital transformation journey and has used the CM Condition Monitor as another step in the right direction. At MPS, we have partnered with Alfa Laval to connect the power of digital data with the advancement of hygienic processing industries.

Industry 4.0 refers to the rapid digitisation of the manufacturing industry and how multiple technological advancements have transformed and

improved production processes – including performance and output. Utilising digital advancements such as wireless methods, automation, and sensors can boost uptime and keep your plant running smoothly.

The CM Condition Monitor’s introduction allows us to remain competitive in a constantly digitised world and ensure that user experience is regularly enhanced for simpler process solutions. It is the perfect product that allows Alfa Laval to take a much-needed step towards Industry 4.0 and work harmoniously with their customers.

At MPS, we believe in embracing the constant changes brought on by Industry 4.0 and ensuring that connectivity remains at the forefront of our process solutions. Therefore, a data-sharing system will inevitably improve productivity and competitiveness in all manufacturing fields.

CM Condition Monitor Features

The CM Condition Monitor is a Bluetooth device that tracks a series of operating conditions and provides plant owners with a wide range of digital data to protect assets and improve worker safety. The equipment sensors on the CM Condition Monitor track vibrations and transmit this data to a connected mobile device to access the relevant information becomes easier and more manageable. Checking equipment vibration and temperature can be done in two ways – either through the visible notification which pops up on the monitor or through the intuitive mobile app on your smartphone. Additionally, the CM stores three months-worth of information; this can be compared to baseline values for trend-monitoring and making detailed decisions on scheduling maintenance and process shutdowns.

As this is the early stages of usage with the CM Condition Monitor, it has been initially optimised to connect with the Alfa Laval SX and SRU positive displacement pumps. However, with further adaptation and means for progression, it will be able to monitor other rotating equipment just as easily. As a compact, wireless system that easily detects vibrations and analyses the appropriate data, utilising such a device is beneficial for various manufacturing industries.

CM Condition Monitor Benefits

The CM Condition Monitor generates a range of benefits for the manufacturing industry. These advantages include:

  • Protecting critical assets – Your plant or hygienic environment contains a range of assets. Protecting these assets is critical for the overall maintenance and longevity of your systems. The CM Condition Monitor supports decision-making to ensure you’re preventing potential problems before they occur.
  • Guaranteed process uptime – The CM Condition Monitor is easy to install, operate, and maintain. This means that through the data-sharing system, there will be minimal unplanned downtime.
  • A reduction in maintenance costs – As the CM Condition Monitor allows you to rectify issues before they fully develop and get worse, you will be able to save a load of money in maintenance costs. Determining any issues early can prevent you from spending large amounts of money and keeping running costs at a minimum.
  • Maximised efficiency – Eliminating any risk of equipment failure will maximise overall rotating equipment efficiency. Monitoring conditions and data will allow you to schedule maintenance accordingly rather than remaining unaware of potential equipment faults.
  • An overall industry advantage – Other players in your manufacturing field may not be embracing the improvements that come with Industry 4.0. This is a great way of gaining a competitive edge over these companies and utilising technology to advance your own hygienic process environment to stay relevant within your chosen industry. The CM Condition Monitor utilises technology to provide a unique advantage for studying rotating equipment.

The CM Condition Monitor also includes many design-related benefits, such as:

  • Suitable for plant washdown
  • Simple, cost-effective installation and set-up
  • A partnering mobile app – the CM Condition Monitor is set-up through the app and compatible with iOS and Android via Bluetooth. 
  • Safe and reliable data collection
  • Assists in reading three months-worth of data to detect failures, potential problems, and maintenance schedules

Utilising technology to analyse data can be more advantageous than just a time-saving method of gaining information. It can also significantly boost process techniques and ensure that your rotating equipment is in the best condition possible. Do not let faulty rotating equipment like pumps, mixers, and agitators hinder your plant’s performance. Choose innovative processes like the CM Condition Monitor to improve everyday practices and remain competitive within your manufacturing field.

Matrix Process Solutions Support And Services

At Matrix Process Solutions, we firmly believe that any process solution’s value lies in its ability to change and evolve. Therefore, we have partnered with Alfa Laval to become the only master distributor of their sanitary portfolio in Australia. Technological advancements are transformative for all hygienic process industries, and therefore, we are constantly working with Alfa Laval on more innovative ways of analysing data, maintaining your plant, and servicing products. The CM Condition Monitor is a prime example of utilising technology to enhance a working manufacturing environment for better performance, more uptime, and fewer maintenance issues.

At MPS, we cover multiple processes to ensure our customers utilise high-quality equipment to deliver successful projects. With concept, feasibility, and safety at the forefront of our practice, we believe in implementing tailor-made, innovative solutions for our clients and utilising the latest technologies to improve plant functionality.

Enhance Your Hygienic Process Environment Today

At Matrix Process Solutions, we believe in supplying high-quality products for all areas of the manufacturing industry. Whether you are in the food, beverage, or pharmaceuticals business, we have the perfect solutions for you. Our clients regularly receive updates on the latest hygienic equipment through our ever-expanding distribution channels.

In turn, ensuring your business has the latest equipment to provide the very best service. Hence, our collaboration with Alfa Laval allows us to supply our customers with readily advanced and updated products to improve all hygienic process environments.

The introduction of the new Alfa Laval CM Condition Monitor has enhanced how data is observed and stored for rotating equipment and will be beneficial for a range of manufacturing industries. For more information on MPS, our new Alfa Laval CM Condition Monitor or any of our services, contact our team today.