SSP extends its cost-effective L Series rotary lobe pump range to meet the demand for hygienic processes at lower flow rates and higher production capacities


SSP extends its cost-effective L Series rotary lobe pump range to meet the demand for hygienic processes at lower flow rates and higher production capacities

August 9, 2020

SSP announces the addition of two new frame sizes as well as optional heating/cooling front covers to its broad range of SSP L Series rotary lobe pumps. To meet the demand for smaller and larger hygienic pumps that can handle low flow rates, the new L1 and L5 add four new pump models to the range. Optional heating/cooling front covers make it possible to use this premium-quality, competitively priced hygienic pump in a wider range of applications. Like all pumps in the range, the new L Series pumps are engineered for general hygienic applications within the food, dairy, beverage, and home and personal care industries.

With the addition of the SSP L1 and L5, SSP extends its proven range of L Series rotary lobe pumps to provide manufacturers who require hygienic fluid handling solutions with greater process flexibility and enhanced operational reliability at lower flow rates and higher production capacities. A total of four new pump models in two new frame sizes provides users with both smaller and larger capacities than those previously available.


Same great hygienic design

Like all pumps in the SSP L Series range, the new hygienic SSP L1 and L5 pumps comply with international standards, including EHEDG guidelines as well as 3-A and FDA standards. The pumps feature an all stainless-steel exterior, one-piece bearing housing, sturdy gearbox construction with heavy-duty shafts, torque locking assemblies and tapered roller bearings throughout. They are designed for straightforward Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-in-Place (SIP). What’s more, it is easy to completely drain the pump, which eliminates product retention, increases product recovery and reduces the risk of bacterial growth during pump shutdown.

Great process flexibility

The SSP L Series offers reliable fluid transfer and gentle product handling in combination with low pulsation, low shear and low noise characteristics. Its inlet and outlet ports in vertical or horizontal position enhance process flexibility and enable universal mounting for complete installation flexibility throughout the plant.

With the addition of these new pumps, the SSP L Series rotary lobe pump range now offers a total of 10 models and five frame sizes (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). All 10 pump models are capable of cost-effective operation at differential pressures of 8 bar.


Optional heating/cooling front covers are now available for the entire SSP L Series rotary lobe pump range. The front covers make it possible for users to take advantage of pump quality and cost-effectiveness for processes that require product transfer of low to high product volumes at differential pressures of 8 bar. This option is an excellent choice for processes where products tend to harden at low temperatures, such as sugar solutions, butter and margarines, marmalades, body butters, gels, lotions and other products. Moreover, it is easy to upgrade and retrofit existing pumps with the front covers.


Service and reliability

Operation is straightforward and reliable, thanks to the robust gearbox construction of the SSP Optilobe. Self-setting, front-loading seals are easy to fit and easy to maintain; there is no need to remove the rotor case for repair or inspection. The high tolerances of all machine components ensure complete component interchangeability without the need for markings or pump retiming. This reduces maintenance costs and downtime, thereby optimizing production uptime. This simplifies maintenance, optimizes spare parts inventory, and significantly reduces overall maintenance costs.


 Part of a broad pump range

SSP provides a complete range of hygienic pump technologies to meet customer demand in terms of safeguarding product quality, process efficiency and easy maintenance and service. The comprehensive pump range for hygienic applications serves the dairy, food, beverage, home carepersonal care, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Part of the company’s rotary lobe pump range, the SSP L Series is carefully engineered to provide optimal process performance, reliable operation and good energy efficiency in demanding applications. These versatile pumps are an excellent choice for duties that require gentle product handling and easy serviceability.