Asahi Yeast Propagation Plant

The Asahi Yeast Propagation Plant (YPP) installed at the Laverton North Brewery was a collaboration between Matrix Process Solutions and Alfa Laval Brewery Solutions Division (BSD).

The installation used the latest in brewery technology, utilising Alfa Laval BSD prefabricated skid based solutions, including yeast cooling, yeast pitching, yeast harvesting, CIP/SIP, sterile air, wort deaeration and propagation systems controlling glycol supply, steam supply, sterile air supply, and CO2 venting to provide optimal conditions for yeast propagation.

The whole system was controlled by utilising IFM AS-i interface technologies, integrating Alfa Laval load cells, Alfa Laval ThinkTops, and the full range of Alfa Laval sanitary equipment.

The project commenced with basically an empty room, and the scope of works included building a walkway/platform to allow access to the tank tops, installation of all the propagation and storage tanks, installation of all the prefabricated skids, connections for the wort and sterile air line from the brewhouse, Deaerated Water (DAW) line connection, steam and glycol connections, connections to the fermentation cellar, and the wiring of the AS-i cables back to the MCC and between the control cabinets on each skid.


Collaborations such as these allow the client to receive best practice technologies from the most respected supplier of quality brewery solutions in the world, while also receiving local know-how and solutions to deliver industry leading technologies on time and under budget.

Asahi Project Presentation