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Alfa Laval offers various types of strainers and filters. LKSF, LKVF, Streamline and Mainstream.  LKSF has a wide range of applications within process filtering, especially where strainers of hygienic design are required. LKVF has a wide range of applications where removal of particles from a flow is required, eg. for protection of a pump or other sensible equipment.

The Mainstream® and Streamline units incorporate a perforated stainless steel basket designed to hold disposable filter bags.  Fine filtration can be achieved down to 0.5 micron.


Magnetic Drive Dosing Pumps

Magnetic drive gear pumps of GATHER Industrie are made of stainless steel, Hastelloy or Titanium and are highly versatile as dosing pumps, process pumps or for laboratory services.

Distinctive mark of this hermetically sealed pump is long service life and non-pulsation dosing, especially of non-lubricating liquid such as water, salt solutions and solvents but also of acid and caustic solutions.


T-FIT® Insulation

Safe from fire:

T-FIT is the only closed cell foam insulation product that meets or exceeds all relevant global standards for cleanroom insulation, including the FM4910 Specification tested fire retardant standard. It can also operate at extreme temperature ranges (from -80°C through to +200°C) making it an ideal temperature and heat resistant industrial insulation solution.

Safe from fungus:

A unique manufacturing process and high-grade polymer mean the highest resistance to fungal and microbial growth — surpassing the ASTM G21-96 and G21-15 standards making it the perfect insulation for aseptic areas in FMCG production including food and beverage, dairy and personal care.

Safe from invisible dangers:
The completely closed-cell structure is particulate-, dust- and fibre-free. T-FIT emits almost zero VOCs — for the simple reason there are none involved in the manufacturing process.
Safe from condensation:
Every T-FIT product features the same completely closed-cell inherently hydrophobic structure to resist moisture and prevent condensation — even under conditions of extreme temperature fluctuations.
Safe from soaring insurance premiums:
Lower risks earn lower premiums from insurance companies such as FM Global.

T-FIT-Range 2021



Wall Mounted Cleaning Nozzles

Get 100% cleaning coverage of tank shadow areas with the Alfa Laval wall mounted cleaning nozzle. Paired with a top-mounted tank cleaning machine, this cleaning nozzle, installed flush with tank wall or bottom, cleans underneath agitator blades, coils and other hard-to-reach areas. Its adjustable nozzle with optimized high-impact spray pattern eliminates the risks associated with inadequate tank cleaning, ensuring higher product yield, better end-product quality, and reduced operating costs.