From development to production, the precision, hygiene, and equipment operation requirements for pharmaceuticals are paramount. The importance of a clean, controlled environment, and equipment that meets every standard and regulation offers no margin for error. Matrix Process solutions has helped refine many companies in producing high quality pharmaceuticals, through smart design engineering.

Pharmaceutical Sustainability

Another challenge regarding pharmaceutical production is the maintenance of water. Keeping purified water at optimal temperatures is very energy-intensive. From a company perspective, this translates into being very expensive. But the larger consideration is the drastic impact this has on the environment due to carbon emissions.

Matrix can offer pharmaceutical water system solutions that are beneficial to the company, the environment that adhere to industry regulations. These solutions:

  • Maintain water quality
  • Reduce energy consumption without diminishing quality or performance
  • Reduce biofilm build-up and the risk of contamination
  • Minimise Rouging

Get Expert assessment

Meeting the requirements of the industry, often leads to companies forgoing opportunities to optimise their production line. Let Matrix assess your site. We can provide a comprehensive assessment including an asset register, identifying less than optimal areas and manufacturing customised solutions, tailored to your specific needs. Our smart design solutions have already benefited many companies as well as the environment. Be at the forefront of the industry, in terms of technology and sustainability.

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