The technical considerations of Australian mining and mineral refinement are staggering. From environmental issues such as coal tailings to energy consumption with the refinement of nickel.

The energy intensive processes regarding Alumina for instance can be quite costly. Digestion, evaporation and liquor heating are all processes requiring heat. Using Alfa Laval equipment, gasketed plate heat exchangers use flash steam from the evaporation process of spent liquor to pre-heat that same liquor, before feeding it back through the evaporators. This is just one example of how Matrix uses smart engineering to be more energy efficient.

Industrious flexibility and customisation

From intelligently designed space saving equipment, to process solutions that optimise yield whilst saving on energy, Matrix can offer environmentally conscious alternatives that lead to increased profits. Our ability to develop and install to specification, means that we can cater to the requirements of the facility or refinery.

Furthermore, Matrix will supply, develop and install equipment, train staff on operating procedures as well as provide 24/7 maintenance if ever it is required. We provide total service, not just the tools to get the job done.

Need to optimise yield?

Let Matrix assess your site. We can make a comprehensive asset register, and determine areas in need of optimisation. Utilising the latest technology resources, and practical process solutions, we can streamline production to be more energy efficient, increase yield and reduce resource expenditure. We can facilitate all processes from solvent extraction, dewatering, separation, electrowinning to efficiency of operation.

Embrace Smart design and the latest technology