Brewing beer wine and spirits has a strong foundation in culture and history, but as an industry, it is fast moving and ever changing. Innovation is integral in staying competitive with both the established and the latest products. And while developing a recognisably unique product is one challenge, producing it efficiently with so much competition is considerably more difficult.

The many considerations of extraction, concentration by evaporation, cross-flow filtration, and centrifugal separation alone are complex without adding in issues of heating and cooling and all forms heat treatment. With so many years helping companies across the brewing industry, Matrix has developed a thorough understanding of how each process can be refined. We also have keen understanding of the stringent regulations and standards.

With a significant environmental focus, our unit input costs lead to a notable reduction in the carbon footprint of companies.

Streamlining Brewing solutions

With Matrix, we can develop instrumentation specifically for your products. We can also provide solutions in packaging, mixing and fluid handling. We are regarded as being on the forefront of technology for brewing, whether it be heat exchangers, membrane filtration, boilers, centrifugal separation, tanks or tank cleaning equipment.

We even specialise in mash and fermenter coolers, reboilers, ethanol condensers and evaporators for stillage concentration. For all encompassing brewing solutions, from whisky to vodka, wine to beer and cider, let Matrix provide excellence in both service and engineering.

Let Matrix give you the edge

Matrix can assist to assess your working site, and develop smart design engineering alternatives to refine the brewing process. With our years of experience, we can install the latest technology without sacrificing taste, increasing production yield with less resource wastage. Furthermore, we offer an established Total service, where we install process solutions, train employees for optimal use and maintain these solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Increase profit with practical smart design Solutions.