Enhanced Liquid Processing Solutions


Enhanced Liquid Processing Solutions

December 10, 2022

Enhanced Liquid Processing Solutions


At Matrix Process Solutions, we have established a partnership with the best companies in liquid processing to bring you hygienic products that will enhance your overall system. Industries such as dairy, pharmaceutical, brewery, and biotech require liquid sampling in their day-to-day applications.

As such, we have partnered with Keofitt to make sampling liquids such as water, milk, and medical solutions a more sterile and straightforward process. The 4KAI Sampling Valve is compact, easily installed, and will collect liquid samples under sanitary conditions. Additionally, our partners at GATHER Industrie are specialists in gear pumps and have supplied us with Magnetic Drive Dosing Pumps for controlled liquid processing. If you work in an industry that handles liquids, our new range of products will improve the way you process your solutions.





Keofitt is a Danish company that focuses on hygienic and sterile liquid sampling. Throughout the years, the original sterilisation sampling valve has been improved and updated to create a more innovative yet unique product. At Matrix Process Solutions, we offer our clients the newest product in the Keofitt range, the 4KAI Sampling Valve, which can sample low viscosity liquids.

4KAI Sampling Valve





The Keofitt 4KAI Sampling Valve is the smallest valve available in the range and is perfect for sampling low viscosity products. This includes a variety of liquids such as water, milk, medical solutions, filtered beer, perfume, and olive oil. The sampling valve is easily installed on the piping or reactor walls of your system and will work seamlessly with your applications.

How Does It Work?

There are three parts associated with the 4KAI Sampling Valve:

  1. The body – mounted onto the pipe or reactor’s wall
  2. The head – drives the opening and closing of the valve
  3. The membrane – enables flowing or sealing depending on which position the head is in

The head of the sampling valve can be alternated – each position allowing the valve to carry out a different application. When the valve is opened, sampling may take place. However, when the valve is closed, the cleaning and sterilisation procedure begins. Hence, the 4KAI Sampling Valve allows for the collection of liquid samples under sterile conditions during production.

Advantages and Applications

The 4KAI Sampling Valve has been specially designed to sample low viscosity products, ranging between 0-100 cP and particles less than 1.5 mm in diameter. Additionally, the 4KAI is customisable, as you are given the opportunity to decide between welding or connection bodies and turn knob or pneumatic heads. We also offer our clients the option of three different materials of either silicone, EPDM or PTFE to best suit their system. There are also various other parts and accessories that can be attached to the 4KAI Sampling Valve to enhance your liquid processing solutions. This includes quick couplings for the connection of tubing, piping and more.

Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilisation

The 4KAI Sampling Valve can be readily cleaned or disinfected, allowing it to meet both hygienic and process design requirements. Cleaning can be carried out between samples without compromising or disrupting the course. There are three fundamental ways in which you can prepare your valve for sampling:

  • Cleaning-In-Place (CIP)

To ensure the most hygienic processes, it is essential that the sampling valve gets a thorough clean. This includes removing any visible residual product and can either be completed with steam or a liquid detergent. For CIP, flushing the valves with water and a chemical detergent is an efficient and reliable way of cleaning while the head of the valve is closed.

  • Disinfection

While CIP will remove all visible residue, this does not mean a complete eradication of all contaminants on a microscopic level. Therefore, a disinfection process may be the best way of getting rid of any micro-organisms attached to the valve. Disinfection can be carried out through steaming or the application of liquid chemical disinfectants.

  • Sterilisation

Sterilisation-In-Place (SIP) can only be achieved using steaming. Sterilisation has the benefit of combining flushing, cleaning, and sterilisation all in one operation. For the most hygienic application, utilise SIP as part of your liquid sampling process.

GATHER Industrie




GATHER Industrie is an innovative enterprise that manufactures and develops dosing pumps to improve liquid processing for a variety of key industries. At Matrix Process Solutions, we have worked closely with GATHER Industrie to present our clients with Magnetic Drive Dosing Pumps. The pump’s main feature includes the non-pulsating dosing of non-lubrication liquid such as water and salt solutions. However, it can also process other solvents such as acid and caustic solutions, depending on your requirements.

Magnetic Drive Dosing Pump





(Magnetic Drive Gear Dosing Pump)

(Magnetic Drive Turbine Pump)





(Magnetic Drive Laboratory Dosing pump)

The Magnetic Drive Dosing Pump deals with smaller sets of viscosities just like the 4KAI Sampling Valve and focuses on the non-pulsating dosing of non-lubricating liquid. These pumps are designed to pump a particular flow rate of chemicals into the water and create controlled liquid processing.

How Does It Work?

The Magnetic Drive Dosing Pump is a high-quality, hermetically sealed process pump used regularly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. It supports pulsation-free conveying and the dosing of non-lubricating liquids. It can be easily integrated into any system and can fulfil almost any application for its purpose.


The Magnetic Drive Dosing Pump comes with a range of advantages to simplify your liquid processing system; this includes:

  • A long-life with extremely low maintenance due to a no shaft seal
  • Non-pulsating, linear liquid flow
  • Hermetically sealed
  • The capability for CIP and SIP
  • Easily integrated into a range of processes
  • Enables highly precise and reproducible flow rates to be attained

Design and Safety

The GATHER Magnetic Drive Gear Dosing Pump is available in a range of sizes and can be tailored to meet the customer’s requirements. Therefore, it is able to handle nearly all solutions, including non-lubricating liquids. The pump can work with liquids of slightly higher viscosity than the 4KAI Sampling Valve, with the rate being able to reach 0.1-2,000 cP.


Similar to the 4KAI Sampling Valve, the Magnetic Drive Dosing Pump allows for Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilisation-In-Place (SIP). CIP allows the pump to be cleaned with the use of high-quality chemical detergents. This will flush the system of any contaminants and help keep your liquid processes functioning hygienically. Additionally, the dosing pump is also suitable for SIP processes. By using steam throughout the pump, any built-up product will be removed, and the system will be fully disinfected. This is a helpful way of cleaning the system thoroughly without detaching each part separately and disrupting overall daily operations.

Services At Matrix Process Solutions

At Matrix Process Solutions, we aim to form life-long partnerships with the best manufacturers of hygienic industrial equipment. This includes finding the best way of enhancing any working system for your plant. Hence, we have formed a partnership with the experts at Keofitt and GATHER Industrie to find automated, effective, and low-maintenance parts that can be utilised to maximise liquid processing solutions.

By embracing the constant changes in technology and staying updated with innovative practices, our goal at Matrix Process Solutions is to improve plant functionality for our clients in various industries. We value integrity, respect, and high-quality products and services, and aim to supply tailor-made, cost-effective solutions to all our clients.

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No matter what plant practice you are aiming to optimise, at Matrix Process Solutions, we have the equipment, partnerships, and resources to help you improve your system.

For more information on the 4KAI Sampling Valve, the Magnetic Drive Dosing Pump, or our partnership with Keofitt and GATHER Industrie, contact us today. Our team at Matrix Process Solutions is happy to discuss liquid processing enhancements in detail and help you understand how these products can improve hygienic sampling methods for your business.