MPS Attending The AUSPACK 2022 Trade Show


MPS Attending The AUSPACK 2022 Trade Show

July 22, 2024

Matrix Process Solutions will be proudly attending Australasia’s biggest processing and packaging industry trade show, AUSPACK 2022. The AUSPACK Business Leaders’ Forum Conference, taking place May 18 – 19 at the MCEC during AUSPACK 2022 (May 17 – 20), brings together the thought leaders, game changers and big discussions in the industry needs to raise the bar, collaborate and shape the future.

Our last trade show was in 2017. This year, we will be showcasing a number of new and existing products from leading manufacturers T-FIT/ Zotefoams, Alfa Laval, LIAG and more. Join us at stand C055, along with hundreds of other businesses around Australia by registering your spot today.

Our Exhibition

This year’s exhibition will feature a mural from local artist Sasha Heath. This 6-metre long mural captures the spirit of Matrix Process Solutions, and showcases the industries and equipment behind our 20-year business.

“Sasha Heath (a.k.a hellotomato) is a multidisciplinary artist who works across a variety of mediums but murals are her main passion. She loves the challenge of working big, transforming spaces, enhancing environments and creating something unique for the enjoyment of others. “You can create something that is totally out of this world, something that’s never been created before and something that people can enjoy looking at over and over again”. She enjoys working closely with her clients to create something that brightens and complements a space, creating projects that connect with everyone who may see it.”

Our Trade Show Products

Download our brochures here to get a head start before the trade show:

T-FIT Insulation

T-FIT pipe insulation is the most cost-effective solution for plant-wide installation in demanding, highly controlled industrial environments. The service life of T-Fit pipes are unmatched with an average per pass maintenance rate at just 17 months! Unrivalled performance and minimal maintenance make this product number one among many competitors who all strive to offer their clients high-quality products that will last longer than expected.

Zotefoams’ T-FIT range of products was developed to meet the specific challenges faced in cleanrooms, aseptic areas and high-temperature processing environments. The material is manufactured from fine pure closed cell foam by Zotefoam’s world leader cellular materials technology. Each product is tailored for an individual application – targeting all types of wear and tear on equipment, including medical devices.

T-FIT Clean: The only insulation solution that meets internationally recognised cleanroom standards, T-FIT Clean is fire retardant and moisture resistant. With an unmatched performance history in manufacturing environments, it’s no wonder this product still remains the best option for your needs.

T-FIT Hygiene: Zotefoams’ innovative manufacturing process and the natural properties of PVDF polymers create a high-performance, heat retardant modular technical pipework insulation solution that delivers excellent thermal resistance. It is ideally suited for FMCG production processes which regularly cycle between low-temperature runs followed by higher ones like cooking in an open flame or oven. It is perfect when you need your food to be heated quickly yet still maintain its nutritional value.

T-FIT Process: Industrial insulation designed specifically for high-temperature processing environments, T-FIT Process is stable at up to 200oC – (EN13501 &1 fire certification), making it the perfect choice in industrial areas that involve hot pipes such as steam lines or food processes. Integral aluminium cladding offers maximum physical protection around these types of works.

ThinkTop V50 & V70

ThinkTop, a new valve-top surveillance and control unit for fluid handling processes, has been developed with user-friendliness in mind. The device is robust enough to work even under harsh environments like those found on industrial production lines or chemical plants where there can be high pressure flows present that would otherwise cause damage if not handled carefully by this type of machinery.

The ThinkTop is able to monitor and control valves from a distance with the help of solenoid-based technology. When receiving signals through an interface, built into our system for this purpose specifically designed by Alfa Laval; it will automatically open up any connected valve allowing liquid flow as needed without human intervention.

ThinkTop offers two series, the V50 and 70. The V50 series is designed for valves that have only one solenoid valve, such as butterfly and single-seat types. The V70 series is a flexible option that can be configured to meet the needs of the most demanding valve applications.

LKH Prime Pump

The Alfa Laval LKH Prime self-priming pump is designed for higher efficiency and big energy savings. It’s easy to handle CIP duties and pumping process media, making this investment capital-efficient! The extended performance envelope also adds versatility. You can use it across many industries like food, dairy, and home personal care products with no worries or concerns about compatibility because they meet stringent requirements everywhere.

Twin Screw Pump

The Alfa Laval twin screw pump is a flexible, reliable machine that can be used for both product transfer and cleaning. With its low pulsation characteristics as well as excellent solids handling capability, you’ll have less risk of damage which means higher quality products.


The Alfa Laval DuraCirc pump is a revolutionary design, combining the perfect balance of durability and reliability with high efficiency. The wide range in flow rates means it can keep your processes running smoothly no matter what you throw at them.


The KEOFITT 4KAI™ Sampling Valve is a sterilizable, low-viscosity sampling valve that can be used for particles as small as 1.5 mm or less in diameter. The sampling valve is a small and versatile sterilisable sampling valve, designed for use with products in the range of 0-100 cP. It can be used by industries such as breweries or dairy production lines where low viscosity fluids are sampled without creating too much mess on site.

Alfa Laval Condition Monitor

The Alfa Laval CM is a condition monitoring system for rotating equipment that will be another step forward in achieving digital transformation with customers. By harnessing the power of data, they are able to improve operational efficiencies and provide more efficient hygienic processing industries services worldwide.

The Alfa Laval CM monitors equipment vibration, temperature and total run-time. It enables manufacturers in the dairy industry to protect critical assets while ensuring process uptime for their customers by improving worker safety with its ability to identify any fault before it becomes serious enough that it requires maintenance or replacement on an already aging machine.


The high demands of process engineering applications and ensured a hygienic standard has been met by the design guidelines for LIAG® arc valves, which are designed according to international standards.

Arc valves are the perfect choice for any product that needs a thorough cleaning and easy maintenance. This includes products with high viscosity or pasty consistency because of their ability to provide a totally clear passage as well as convenient access points all around it so you can wash away dirt easily without getting stuck anywhere within your system. 

Magnetic Drive Dosing Pumps

Gather’s Magnetic Drive Gear Pumps are made of high-quality materials to ensure long life and noise-free operation. This means they can be used in many different applications, including dosing pumps or process machines where there is no need for lubrication like water/salt solutions. The unique design also offers superior performance when handling non-lubricating liquids such as solvents, making them perfect additions to any chemical laboratory benchtop today.

Quick Connect Couplings

The tube-hose quick-disconnect couplings of GATHER Industrie offer a safe and expedient means to separate the connections between hose-to-tube. These couplings are suited for almost any kind of liquid and gas application. The couplings save time if the connections have to be frequently changed during loading operations. These quick connect couplings are cost-effective, robust plug-type couplings made using the highest quality materials.

Join Us At Stand C055

The AUSPACK 2022 Trade Show runs from 17 May to 20 May at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Register your spot today and we will see you there. Feel free to contact the team at MPS to discuss any of our products in the meantime.