Alfa Laval Sustainable CIP Optimisation


Alfa Laval Sustainable CIP Optimisation

February 24, 2024

Alfa Laval Sustainable CIP Optimisation


Meet your sustainability and cost-saving targets with Cleaning in Place optimisation. At Matrix Process Solutions, we work with businesses across a wide range of industries to optimise their CIP sustainability, improve productivity and environmental performance without compromising on hygiene.

When working in industries such as food, beverage or dairy, it’s important to stay on top of the latest technologies and products when it comes to Cleaning in Place. Matrix Process Solutions can help you achieve that.

On average, 20% of any given plant or organisation’s energy is used in CIP. One way for your business to be more environmentally friendly, while reducing costs, is by using the new products from Alfa Laval.

What Is Cleaning In Place?

Cleaning In Place or CIP is the process of using a mix of chemicals, heat and water to clean machinery, vessels, and pipes as they stay in the one place rather than being dismantled and cleaned and then put back together.

For many businesses, hygiene is critical and therefore CIP is a necessity.

Cleaning In Place is integral for many industries where they need to guarantee food safety using cleaning between production cycles to reduce the chance of contaminating their production and meeting the strict quality standards set by the industry.

However, these processes can be costly to a plant as they require high amounts of energy, water, and chemicals. As an automated system that’s put into place – traditional CIP is often installed and left unchanged.

It is important to optimise your CIP to reduce the amount of water and energy consumed in the process. Investing in the latest technologies has proven results to make your business more sustainable while reducing your costs.

In return, this investment will provide positive ROI in the long term. If you’re a manufacturer that is seeking to meet sustainability targets and reduce costs, then Cleaning in Place optimisation is a logical starting point.

How much can a processing plant save?

Processing plants around the world face the dilemma of sticking with what works or making a small difference now that can provide cost-saving benefits in the future. Whether it is for revenue or to reduce your environmental footprint — Matrix Process Solutions can help you save where you never thought possible.

Water savings

The most effective way to save on water is through burst cleaning from valves and rotary jet heads. Using these products, or even upgrading them, can have up to 25% reduction in water for each litre of product. We have found this works well for milk production plants.

Energy savings

There are many factors that go into reducing energy consumption. Some elements to consider include pump optimisation, rotary jet tank cleaning, energy-efficient agitators and burst cleaning valves.

A combination or inclusion of all of these can lead to a 25% reduction in energy usage. We found the best results came from water waste treatment plants that used Alfa Laval products to reduce their energy consumption.

Limitless opportunities

Does your company currently have water or energy reduction targets? Businesses that work with Matrix Process Solutions, on average, are looking to reduce their water and energy consumption by 25% over the next three years.

However, the bigger question here is – what is the payback? Many products require an investment with paybacks longer than three years, or no payback at all. Alfa Laval products are cost-effective and efficient at reducing your consumption of resources.

How To Optimise CIP And Reduce Energy Consumption

At Matrix Process Solutions, we are the only master distributor of the extensive product range by Alfa Laval. They offer some of the best CIP technology in the industry, delivering efficient and straightforward products that reduce energy consumption and water wastage.

Upgrading your CIP system can reduce your water and energy consumption considerably. A CIP system using Alfa Laval’s production range can immediately cut costs and unnecessary waste while delivering a rapid return on investment.

Size and optimise your pumps

By optimising your pumps – you can halve the energy consumption of your plant. Studies have shown that 90% of pumps that have been installed are inappropriately sized. Therefore, by resizing your pumps and including energy-efficient models, you will have a more sustainable process. Choose the Alfa Laval LKH Prime (Pump) to optimise your CIP and yield better results.

Optimise your valves

Changing your valves and controls can reduce water usage and energy consumption by up to 90%. We have seen this drastic change with business in the food, beverage, brewing and pharmaceutical industries.

By utilising burst seat clean technology, you will be able to use less water which equates to less waste and an increase in faster, more effective cleaning. Enjoy more profitability through advanced sustainability with the automated burst seat technology integrated into Alfa Laval’s ThinkTop V70 hygienic valves.

Rethink tank cleaning equipment

By optimising tank cleaning processes, you can boost yield and environmental efficiencies. Reducing water by 70%, you will be able to keep your tanks clean for less consumption as well as cost.

Compared to traditional static spray ball cleaning, rethinking your tank cleaning equipment to include jet heads can positively impact a range of factors such as water consumption and time, mechanical action, temperature, and the use of chemicals. Alfa Laval’s TJ Rotary Jet Heads provide exceptional tank cleaning with optimised and sustainable CIP.

Switch your agitators

Increase energy savings by including next-generation agitators into your system. With the Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer (Agitator), you can handle mixing different substances while utilising effective tank cleaning without the need of a separate machine for both processes. By switching your agitators to the latest technology, you’ll be gaining significant savings and reaching your sustainability goals.

Product Spotlight

Alfa Laval LKH Prime (Pump)

The Alfa Laval LKH Prime (Pump) is ideal for when you need a higher pump efficiency but want to save on energy. Industries such as food, dairy, beverage, home, and personal care have stringent requirements such as hygiene that need to be met – and with the LKH Prime pump, CIP duties become easier and more effective.

The design of the LKH Prime pump includes an advanced air-screw technology which helps with quiet, reliable operation and a reduced carbon footprint.

There are a range of reasons why choosing the LKH Prime pump can benefit your busines. These include higher pump efficiency, low process contamination risk, improving yield and sustainability, reduced maintenance cost, and an overall safe working environment for operators and employees.

Additionally, the LKH Prime Pump is easy to maintain as it delivers high-performance results and is cost-effective to service. When you need to optimise pump performance, choose the Alfa Laval LKH Prime (pump) for your CIP.

Alfa Laval ThinkTop V70

Do you want the best in hygienic valves? The Alfa Laval ThinkTop V70 is compact and advanced. As a second-generation sensing and controlling unit for hygienic valves, it is an impressive choice for usage in the dairy, food, brewery, and pharmaceutical industries.

The ThinkTop V70 units are made of composite materials and a single sensor target to control all functions and communication. The valves are intuitive and fast, smart and adaptable, durable and reliable, and aesthetically pleasing.

The intuitive and intelligent valve controls are not the only features on the ThinkTop V70. It also contains a 360-degree LED visual status indication and smart control with 24/7 self-diagnostics.

It is also waterproof, which means it’s versatile and can withstand vibration and thermal expansion. The ThinkTop V70’s most impressive feature is its bust seat cleaning which results in faster, more effective cleaning.

With seat burst cleaning, the CIP liquid during the opening moment of seat lift and seat push will become highly effective. For fast and sustainable cleaning that reduces water consumption by 90%, choose the Alfa Laval ThinkTip V70 valve unit.

Alfa Laval TJ Rotary Jet Heads

For high-quality, assured cleaning that works when you need it most, Alfa Laval TJ Rotary Heads are designed to provide exceptional cleanability. The tan-cleaning devices are used for hygienic applications such as food, dairy, personal care, and beverage industries and are suitable for cleaning brewing equipment.

The TJ range provides automated 3D-indexed impact cleaning with a 360-degree repeatable cleaning pattern. The automation process gives the TJ jet heads superior self-cleaning features and is a cost-efficient and sustainable choice as it reduces water consumption as well as required chemicals.

When using the rotary jet heads, the force tends to increase while the water consumption decreases. This results in a 70% reduction in water and chemical costs as well as 60% reduction in time it takes to clean. The jet heads are incredibly easy to service and maintain with no special tools or rituals to complete. When you want to take control of CIP through validated cleaning, choose the Alfa Laval TJ Rotary Jet Heads.

Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer (Agitator)

For effective mixing in the brewery and beverage, dairy, personal care, and biopharma industries, the Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer is your best choice. The Jet Mixer successfully handles liquid mixing, gas dispersion, and powder mixing.

However, one of its greatest assets is that it has tank cleaning included in the product. After the completion of the mixing process, the jet nozzles can be used for spraying liquids throughout the tank to clean its surfaces appropriately – allowing the jet mixer to provide two services rather than just the one. These features support CIP by reducing mixing time, energy consumption and overall costs.

The Jet Mixer is vastly different from traditional mixers. Usually, these systems are propeller mixers and include a rotating shaft, a mechanical seal, and a gearbox. However, with the Rotary Jet Mixer technology, the shaft, seal, and gearbox are all eliminated – creating a more hygienic design.

Therefore, the mixer is used for more efficient CIP compared to a traditional system. Additionally, it produces fast and extremely efficient mixing results while reducing capital expenditures and operating expenses. If you need a mixer that can be utilised for liquid, gas, and powder, choose the Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer for better performance and reliable sustainability.

Find Out More About Our CIP Solutions

Are you interested in sustainable Cleaning in Place optimisation? At Matrix Process Solutions, we are the only master distributor of the Alfa Laval product range here in Australia.

We work with businesses using the best Cleaning In Place products so that your automated system can reduce energy consumption, water wastage while also providing environmental efficiency and boosting product yield.

We provide complete service solutions across Australia – including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide. For more information about the Alfa Laval range, contact us today to discuss your CIP needs.