Alfa Laval PlusClean And PlusClean UltraPure


Alfa Laval PlusClean And PlusClean UltraPure

May 24, 2024

Alfa Laval PlusClean And PlusClean UltraPure


At Matrix Process Solutions, we are constantly looking for the most advanced methods when it comes to cleaning solutions. We understand that for any plan, Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) is integral to the overall yield of product and flow of the system. Hence, we continually collaborate with the experts at Alfa Laval to provide our clients with equipment that will enhance their systems and keep their tanks clean.

Whether you’re working in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry, keeping your tanks clean with a wall mounted cleaning nozzle is essential. Therefore, we have introduced two new options to our arsenal of cleaning systems. The Alfa Laval PlusClean and PlusClean UltraPure are wall mounted cleaning nozzles designed to clean shadow areas in tanks. This includes under agitator blades, coils, and other internal or hard-to-reach places. In addition, the PlusClean systems can be smoothly integrated into the tank wall and activated during CIP to clean shadow areas with a high impact fan of cleaning media. Hence, these two systems have become the first market guarantee of 100% impact cleaning coverage.



If you’re working in a hygiene-critical industry, such as food, beverage, dairy, or pharmaceutical, then you may benefit from the application systems of the PlusClean wall mounted cleaning nozzle. Similarly, personal care, home care, and less hygiene critical applications are well-suited for the Alfa Laval PlusClean. This system is key to ensuring high product yield as it eliminates contamination risk.

By targeting shadow zones of the tank, it picks up on any debris or dust that is left behind after operation. Hence, this means reinforced hygienic tank cleaning. The Alfa Laval PlusClean is ideal for installation in all tank types of all sizes as it ensures high product quality and superior tank cleaning.

PlusClean UltraPure

With similar characteristics to the Alfa Laval PlusClean, the PlusClean UltraPure system is engineered to meet sterile and aseptic process requirements. It is mainly utilised within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries as it is supplied with the comprehensive Alfa Laval Q-doc documentation package. In addition, the PlusClean UltraPure is ideal for any tank type and is a cleaning nozzle that ensures high product yield by eliminating any risk of contamination. Furthermore, our system will target cleaning media to the shadow zones for optimal hygienic tank cleaning and high product quality.


Both Alfa Laval PlusClean and PlusClean UltraPure systems are wall mounted cleaning nozzles with a range of benefits. When it comes to tank cleaning and reaching hidden crevices, these systems will perform a hygienic and more productive clean.

Benefits include:

• A high product yield with a 100% cleaning coverage guarantee
• Low cleaning media consumption
• Installed flush with the tank wall, allowing the unit to be used in tanks with frame type agitators
• Easy to install using the patented adjustable flange connection
• Hygienic design
• Option for actuator and ThinkTop control unit

The PlusClean UltraPure contains the same great benefits, with the addition of full traceability due to the Q-doc package. Based on Good Documentation Practice (GDP), Q-doc documents every aspect, from raw material to delivered equipment. As a result, it allows for full transparency when evaluating sourcing, production, and supply chains and makes it easy to trace even the slightest change in material or manufacturing procedures. This is especially true for spare parts and safeguards long-term peace of mind.

Working Principle

The PlusClean and PlusClean UltraPure systems are wall-mounted cleaning nozzles that operate on a spring-activated piston. They are available in media or pneumatic driven versions and can be activated from either the cleaning media or controlled air pressure.

1. The PlusClean sprays a high-impact cleaning media fan directly to the impacted area.
2. Cleaning coverage is ensured by controlled and repeated rotation of the device
3. Once cleaning is completed, the piston position is restored, and the device is securely closed and sealed off.

The PlusClean systems work perfectly with a primary top-mounted cleaning device, including a static spray ball, rotary spray head, or rotary jet head cleaning device.


Many technical features are involved with both the PlusClean and PlusClean UltraPure systems.

These features include:

• Two types of weld plates – adjustable weld plate and fixed weld plate. The adjustable weld plate is a curved surface on the tank side, and the weld plate allows for adjusting the cleaning nozzle.
• With your choice of slot or spray pattern, you can optimise spray impact length and flow rate at the desired pressure
• Spray pattern comes in offset slot, wide centre slot, and narrow centre slot
• Available in two versions – PlusClean media-driven and PlusClean air driven by a pneumatic actuator

Find The PlusClean In Our New Product Catalogue

Find the latest innovative tank cleaning equipment and instruments in the new Matrix Process Solution Catalogue V6.0. Thanks to our partnership with Alfa Laval, our new catalogue outlines the very best cleaning solutions that allow for sustainability. This includes saving water, reducing your carbon footprints, and driving profitability.

Read through our catalogue for all the latest on pumps, valves, fittings, filtration, onsite service, tank equipment, instrumentation, heat exchangers, processes, design, and more. We have the perfect equipment to enhance any cleaning warehouse with our constantly growing arsenal of products. For example, this includes the T-FIT series for better insulation, Alfa Laval ThinkTop hygienic valves, condition monitors, pumps, and more.

Service Division

Our catalogue outlines the extent of our service division and our ability to provide preventative maintenance and repair services for all processing equipment. No matter what industry you work in, our service engineers are fully trained to ensure your equipment performs at optimum capacity.

This includes:

• Training and technical support
• Preventative maintenance
• Installation
• Loan equipment
• Onsite assistance
• Breakdown service
• Equipment servicing (heat exchangers, valves, pumps)

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At Matrix Process Solutions, we aim to deliver the most innovative equipment in tank cleaning technology. Therefore, when it comes to wall mounted cleaning nozzles, the Alfa Laval PlusClean and PlusClean UltraPure are ideal for targeting shadow zones that would be otherwise incredibly difficult to reach. For more information on the PlusClean and PlusClean UltraPure systems, contact us today. Alternatively, you can read through our catalogue for all the latest products and services at Matrix Process Solutions.