Grommet Pneumatic

Pipetite PNEUMATIC GROMMET is the latest in sealing technology for use on Air line penetrations through sheet steel. Pipetite PNEUMATIC GROMMET can seal a connection while allowing for significant movement of the tube. Installation is simple, and a large range of sizes are available

Pipetite Pneumatic Grommets base incorporates grove suitable for sheet steel up to 3.0mm thick. Using the same penetration hole size means uniformity on design and neat lines on installation. Installed Pneumatic Grommet provides full flexibility. Silicone is not required during installation. Grommet is available to suit four standard diameters and allows the tube to move significantly without causing damage or breaking the seal between the sheet and the tube.


• Perfect solution for penetrations through machine sides, solenoid panels, wall plates…
• Available in four sizes to suit 6, 8,10 & 12mm pneumatic tube or electrical wires
• Hygienic white silicon. FDA certified.
• Total self-sealing - no sealant required
• Seal is flexible to accommodate movement
• No cracking of silicon
• 260°C temperature rating.
• No clean-up after installation
• Materials compatible with cleaning solution

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