Murzan, Inc. is an engineering company that develops and manufactures pumps and process equipment for food, meat & poultry, pharmaceutical, beverage, cosmetic, and biomedical industries.

Murzan pumps and systems are the best solution for the transferring of viscous products (eg. peanut butter), shear sensitive products (eg. cottage cheese), semi-solids (eg. chicken breasts), and fluid products containing solids and delicate particles (eg. diced tomato).

Murzan pumps and systems are also the best solution for unloading viscous and difficult to pump products (eg. tomato paste) from various types of containers such as drums and totes (eg. bins) with or without aseptic bags.

Murzan, Inc. additionaly engineers and manufactures complete turnkey processing systems such and in-line dilution and CIP solutions.

With over 40 years experience in the market, we are confident that we can come up with a viable solution for your processing needs!

Poultry Pumps

PI 50 PD    
DUS-50 PD    
DUS-15   PD      
KUS-50 PD    
TUS-50   PD